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peephypophrenia is a compound word of peephole + hypophrenia. I'm almost made of these two words. I'm a voyeur. I like watching people secretly.

2012년 8월 18일 토요일

long time no visiting

omg I just find myself here writing Journals in English
I never thought of visiting this page again
reading my writings here make me feel so weird
maybe I'm 2 years older than that time
omg omg I can not believe
time goes so fast. I can't catch it
feel bad about it.
and I also feel like I'v achieved nothing for 2 years.
feel so bad bad bad.
some feelings.. something unrelenting is lingering.
my English never get better.
cuzzzzzzz I've not been trying I know that.
I'm junior in college.
I have nothing to say..

2010년 10월 26일 화요일

worrying and nervous

I'm very nervous now cuz there is a thing I need to tell to my part time job manager.
Hmmm.. It's so stressful and I cannot get out of thinking of my another schedule.
she might be got angry. And so minja ssi is

and i'm trying to be more confident and not afriad of telling someone my situations.

2010년 10월 19일 화요일

potential or not?

2 days ago midtern exam started.
As I usually do, I didn't study hard.
It's not just about my laziness and procrastination at this time, but about my exhausting and
hard part-time job. my entire body said to me that 'Hey, you're so exhausted and
drowsy, you need to sleep!' lol (my excuse?lol). Even though my phisics having said
made me go to bed right away, I tried to stay awake.

Anyway, Finally I went to bed.. rofl :p

so yesterday, I had four exams. It was so stressful and I was so reckless.
However, Ji-young and I got a great score on English grammar class
so we were so high! lol

2010년 10월 6일 수요일

It's been a long time :D

I almost forgot about this blog cuz I don't have any Motivation with
my routine. So, I was getting lazy. :< But now I read my journals in here again,
they motivate me :D

There are so many things to say, but I cannot affirm that I can explain
all of the happennings that I'm getting through. It's too deep and profound and
long story. First of all, I had a teaching job a month ago, but they(I mean
a student and her mother) dumped me. First time, I was shocked, but now,
I'm mad at them. They are rude and they always put off the schedule.
so, I've decided to take it as an social experience. I learned from them.

And now~! I got a part-time job at Yogurt Presso. I make coffee on my own.
It would be great to work there. I hope so.... lol

Thesedays, I'm conpletely falling in love with 'TVD(The Vampire Diaries)'.
My love, stefan salvatore! Paul wesley is so hawt :D! So, I bought series book of
original The Vampire Diares. It's helpful for me to read that book because It's
not an article or something high-level. It's just a novel for teenager or young adult. It's quite different from TV show but I like both, novel and TV show.
I'm enjoying it!

I want to go Canada or England with working holiday visa.
Maybe.. I'll go there around next year.
I hope so.

2010년 3월 22일 월요일

2010/3/22 part 2

terrible... whooooooooaaaaaaaa...
i'm full. today's plan for dieting is not observed.i'm totally obssessed with sweet chocolete.
i can not stand it.they were just talking to me!!! :
But i can not go back to past. so, let's do it again!

umm.. i think button mushrooms would be good food for dieting.
so, the mushrooms'll be completely my main food for dieting and
i plan to cook the mushrooms with cabbage that is seasoned with ground pepper!
it would tastes good.

so, here is my plan for tomorrow

breakfast : button mushrooms, cabbage seasoned with ground pepper.

lunch : dairy goods like milk or yogurt.

dinner : same over there 'breakfast'

and last things are that "Eat the mushrooms or cabbage when i feel hungry"
"when i feel so ablaze to eat some sweet thing, i can eat only one little Ghana ABC chocolete"

2010년 3월 21일 일요일


yesterday i watched 'julie and julia'. it was really good and adorable.
there are two women who like cooking in there own kitchen.
once i watched these women, i fell in love with their stories.
And i really want to do something like julie's work.

so i stared blogging. i think it would be fun and practical for me to memorize

And now! i need something to project like julie do.
Her goal is that master all of the recipe in julia's book for servantless american cook.
all foods in the film look delicious!

Anyway, umm.. in my case..... i'll blog about my English study plus my dieting.
the goal is that 'memorize all vocabulary of voca bible and repeat that book over and over again.'!!

can i do this?!!? i'm just wondering and worrying but it's better to do something than do nothing. isn't it?

goal : lose 20 pounds
do work hard!

gosh... it.. is too general.. i need a specific plan!!!..
i need time.... i'll be right back...