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peephypophrenia is a compound word of peephole + hypophrenia. I'm almost made of these two words. I'm a voyeur. I like watching people secretly.

2010년 10월 19일 화요일

potential or not?

2 days ago midtern exam started.
As I usually do, I didn't study hard.
It's not just about my laziness and procrastination at this time, but about my exhausting and
hard part-time job. my entire body said to me that 'Hey, you're so exhausted and
drowsy, you need to sleep!' lol (my excuse?lol). Even though my phisics having said
made me go to bed right away, I tried to stay awake.

Anyway, Finally I went to bed.. rofl :p

so yesterday, I had four exams. It was so stressful and I was so reckless.
However, Ji-young and I got a great score on English grammar class
so we were so high! lol

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