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peephypophrenia is a compound word of peephole + hypophrenia. I'm almost made of these two words. I'm a voyeur. I like watching people secretly.

2010년 10월 6일 수요일

It's been a long time :D

I almost forgot about this blog cuz I don't have any Motivation with
my routine. So, I was getting lazy. :< But now I read my journals in here again,
they motivate me :D

There are so many things to say, but I cannot affirm that I can explain
all of the happennings that I'm getting through. It's too deep and profound and
long story. First of all, I had a teaching job a month ago, but they(I mean
a student and her mother) dumped me. First time, I was shocked, but now,
I'm mad at them. They are rude and they always put off the schedule.
so, I've decided to take it as an social experience. I learned from them.

And now~! I got a part-time job at Yogurt Presso. I make coffee on my own.
It would be great to work there. I hope so.... lol

Thesedays, I'm conpletely falling in love with 'TVD(The Vampire Diaries)'.
My love, stefan salvatore! Paul wesley is so hawt :D! So, I bought series book of
original The Vampire Diares. It's helpful for me to read that book because It's
not an article or something high-level. It's just a novel for teenager or young adult. It's quite different from TV show but I like both, novel and TV show.
I'm enjoying it!

I want to go Canada or England with working holiday visa.
Maybe.. I'll go there around next year.
I hope so.

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