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2010년 3월 22일 월요일

2010/3/22 part 2

terrible... whooooooooaaaaaaaa...
i'm full. today's plan for dieting is not observed.i'm totally obssessed with sweet chocolete.
i can not stand it.they were just talking to me!!! :
But i can not go back to past. so, let's do it again!

umm.. i think button mushrooms would be good food for dieting.
so, the mushrooms'll be completely my main food for dieting and
i plan to cook the mushrooms with cabbage that is seasoned with ground pepper!
it would tastes good.

so, here is my plan for tomorrow

breakfast : button mushrooms, cabbage seasoned with ground pepper.

lunch : dairy goods like milk or yogurt.

dinner : same over there 'breakfast'

and last things are that "Eat the mushrooms or cabbage when i feel hungry"
"when i feel so ablaze to eat some sweet thing, i can eat only one little Ghana ABC chocolete"

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