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peephypophrenia is a compound word of peephole + hypophrenia. I'm almost made of these two words. I'm a voyeur. I like watching people secretly.

2010년 3월 21일 일요일


yesterday i watched 'julie and julia'. it was really good and adorable.
there are two women who like cooking in there own kitchen.
once i watched these women, i fell in love with their stories.
And i really want to do something like julie's work.

so i stared blogging. i think it would be fun and practical for me to memorize

And now! i need something to project like julie do.
Her goal is that master all of the recipe in julia's book for servantless american cook.
all foods in the film look delicious!

Anyway, umm.. in my case..... i'll blog about my English study plus my dieting.
the goal is that 'memorize all vocabulary of voca bible and repeat that book over and over again.'!!

can i do this?!!? i'm just wondering and worrying but it's better to do something than do nothing. isn't it?

goal : lose 20 pounds
do work hard!

gosh... it.. is too general.. i need a specific plan!!!..
i need time.... i'll be right back...


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