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peephypophrenia is a compound word of peephole + hypophrenia. I'm almost made of these two words. I'm a voyeur. I like watching people secretly.

2012년 8월 18일 토요일

long time no visiting

omg I just find myself here writing Journals in English
I never thought of visiting this page again
reading my writings here make me feel so weird
maybe I'm 2 years older than that time
omg omg I can not believe
time goes so fast. I can't catch it
feel bad about it.
and I also feel like I'v achieved nothing for 2 years.
feel so bad bad bad.
some feelings.. something unrelenting is lingering.
my English never get better.
cuzzzzzzz I've not been trying I know that.
I'm junior in college.
I have nothing to say..

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